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Teens of Potential Employment Program *

Within this program our mission is to provide job placement to teenagers. Each student is provided an individual Occupational plan targeting the career of their choice. Our objective is to locate a company within that selected career and place that student within that company to receive hands-on experience. The partnered company provides our organization a monetary donation for hours worked, which 90% distributed to the student as their personal income, and remaining donation is placed back into organization to further the program.

This program is a huge success. Our research concluded that employment is beneficial for youth, because it teaching responsibility, organization, and time management and helping to establish good work habits, experience, and financial stability. Programs like our reduce youth community violence, teen pregnancy, and teen school drop out rates. Within our program we assist with preparing resumes, and college scholarships. Our goal for this program is for every teen to receive hands-on experience in the career of their choice, and receive a professional trade, or college acceptance letter.

We offer under this program:

*Teen Employment

*Preparation of Professional Development Plans

*Resume Basic Career Training Classes